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Go to Xiangshan with your baby in your arms, cross the bridge, eat seafood and pick strawberries
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I didn't go out for more than 2 months, and I was so bored at home. The Xiangshan Port Bridge has been in operation for more than a year, and their daughters have not experienced it. My proposal: Take the baby to Xiangshan for a walk, which coincides with the activities of Xiangshan Huaxiang International Hotel: stay at the hotel and pick up tickets for strawberries and Songlan Mountain. They all readily agreed. Just one afternoon in the end of March, "Volkswagen CC" took us away from home to Xiangshan. Today is cloudy weather, everyone is in a good mood and laughter along the way. The car headed south along the elevated road of the airport and passed the "Changyang Interchange" to fold into Ningbo Ring Expressway. "After passing through Jiangshan North Hub" continued to the east for 3KM,

Turn south at the "Yunlong Drive New Highway" into the Yongtaiwen double-speed highway. After about 20 minutes, you will see the bridge sign in the distance

Came to Xiangshan Port.

Xiangshan Port is located in the southeast of Ningbo, between the peninsula peninsula and the Xiangshan peninsula, facing the Damuyang in the east. It is a long, narrow and semi-closed bay extending from the northeast to the southwest. Xiangshan is the only county in Ningbo that has no high-speed highway. . In the past, citizens took ferries to and from the two places: Xiangshan Xize-Luzhou Hengshan, which took an hour and a half. There used to be a saying, "Xiangshan Xiangshan opens its doors and sees the mountains. If you want to go out of the county, you will either cross the sea or climb the mountain." It means that the topography of Ningbo Xiangshan has brought many restrictions on the development of traffic. "Let this embarrassment become history.

On December 30, 2008, the construction of Ningbo Xiangshan Port Bridge started. The north starts at Yunlong Town, Quzhou, and ends at Daigang in Qiantou Town. The Xiangshan Port Bridge is about 6.7 kilometers long and 25.5 meters wide. It is a double-tower and double-cable cable-stayed bridge. It is the second super-large sea-crossing bridge in Ningbo after the Hangzhou Bay Sea-crossing Bridge. Approximately 6.75 km

There are 10 tunnels and 18 large and medium-sized bridges in the bridge and infrastructure projects. Bridges and tunnels account for 64% of the entire line.

The wind resistance of the Xiangshan Port Bridge is currently the strongest among domestic bridges of the same type, which is sufficient to withstand a strong typhoon of class 14. Its navigational level is currently the highest among domestic bridges of the same type.

In the early morning of December 29, 2012, the Xiangshan Port Bridge was opened to traffic. A bridge flying north and south,

Since then, the Xiangshan Port Tianhe has become history. The distance from Ningbo city to Xiangshan has been shortened from 2 hours to 35 minutes.

We are staying at Xiangshan Huaxiang International Hotel tonight.

Located at 104 Zhen'an Road, Xizhou Town. It is located in the scenic area of ​​Lilongtan Forest Park and costs 348 yuan, including two breakfasts and one small breakfast. It was bought on Ctrip. Group buying includes many items: Yes

2 strawberry picking coupons;

2 Songlanshan tickets;

2 pounds of strawberries;

Lilongtan Forest Park is free of charge, etc .; the price is high.

Check in at the hotel reception desk, drop your luggage in the guest room, and drive to the strawberry picking base: Huanxin Farm.

It is located in Daxijiang Village, Xiangshan Qiantou Town, and is a national green food base. With 50 acres of farmland, the farm is very popular. There are cars parked outside the gate, and the license plates are mainly local in Xiangshan.

The scale is not small, including farmyards, barbecue areas, parent-child gardens and so on.

Tree-lined gallery

Next to it: Mochi that has been prepared,

This is a famous specialty of Xiangshan. It is slightly fried in a pan and tastes better.

I immediately bought 2 catties.

Strawberries are growing in plastic greenhouses

, The little baby also entered the greenhouse,

Pointing at that, that's very busy, and having fun.

Due to the high temperature in the plastic greenhouse, which was extremely sultry, we immediately left the greenhouse after each of us picked a basket. Everyone was happy looking at the strawberries they picked themselves.

After returning to the hotel, I simply took a shower in the bathroom, and found that the baby was looking at it with concentration:

Xiangshan's propaganda album seems to be very focused.

After a short rest, we drove to Xiangshangang International Hotel for seafood.

Exit the hotel gate and drive along the Xiangxi Line for 27km. After about 30 minutes, you will reach Xiangshan Port International Hotel 807

This hotel is located at 1111 Xiangshangang Road, Xiangshan District. It is a 5-star hotel listed in Xiangshan.

It is currently the tallest building in Xiangshan

Lobby style,

There are 300 guest rooms with 1000 dining spaces. The main restaurant is Xiangshan local seafood. At the same time, the hotel has a good dining environment and beautiful night views.

The buffet is rich in dishes, Haagen-Dazs is unlimited, and there are various conchs not found in other five-star hotels. I have a passion for conch, which is very appetite for me.

A lot of photos were taken, but they could not be taken out of the phone for a while. It's a pity. At the same time, the buffet price is relatively affordable, group purchase 150 yuan per person.

The baby in the dining room was held by his grandmother, and it was a joy to run around.

Just today, the baby has come to this world for eighteen months, and sincerely wish him a healthy and healthy growth. Be a useful person in the future.

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