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[Flower World] Spring Festival Self-Driving in East Zhejiang-Xiaohua 4 years and 5 months tour Ningbo Cicheng, Putuo Mountain, Qiantong Ancient Town
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Text: Flower Dad / Picture: Flower Mom (Originally published, may not be reproduced without the author's consent)

Travel time: February 5th to February 7th, 2011 (3 days)

Travel location: Ningbo (Cicheng, Putuoshan, Qiantong Ancient Town)

Travel age: 4 years and 5 months

Zhedong Zijia Road Book

February 5

Shanghai-Xinqiao Entrance-A8-A5-Tingwei Exit-Jinshan Petrochemical (connected with grandparents) -Jinshan New Town Entrance-Hangpu-Hangzhou Bay Cross-sea Bridge-Shenhai Expressway-Cicheng Exit-Cicheng

Cicheng-S61-Ningbo (Circular West-Liuding Street)

Mileage: 230 kilometers

Cost: 155 yuan (25 + 10 + 120)

Travel time: Shanghai-Cicheng 3 hours (with rest)

Cicheng-Ningbo 1 hour

February 6

Ningbo-Zhongshan Road-Renmin Road-North Ring Road-Century Avenue-Camel-Zhenluo Road-Xichuan-Zhoushan Cross-sea Bridge-Dinghai-Shenjiamen

Shenjiamen-Dinghai-Zhoushan Cross-sea Bridge-Xichuan-Ningbo

Mileage: 230 kilometers

Cost: 210 yuan (110 + 100)

Driving time: Ningbo-Shenjiamen 2:30

Shenjiamen-Ningbo 1:40

February 7

Ningbo-Liuding Street-Century Avenue-Ningbo East-Ninghai East-Qiantong

Qiantong-Ninghaidong-Shenhai Expressway-Ningbo Bypass-Shenhai Expressway-Hangzhou Bay Cross-sea Bridge-Hangpu-Jinshan New Town-Jinshan Petrochemical (Send grandparents) -Tingwei Entrance-A5-A8-Xinqiao-Shanghai Urban area

Mileage: 440 kilometers

Cost: 225 yuan (40 + 150 + 10 + 25)

Travel time: Ningbo-Qiantong 1:30

Former Child-Shanghai 4 hours (including rest and refueling)


This year's Spring Festival originally planned to go to Xiamen, but ended up because of the fare increase in airfare and accommodation, and then changed to a three-day trip to East Zhejiang by car. Afterwards, I found that my luck was very good. The three days were basically sunny, and it felt like a small spring, so my travel mood became better.

The choice of location. Based on the Ctrip review, we stayed at the Howard Johnson Plaza Hotel in Ningbo City, which became a highlight of the trip because it is better at service than the VIP treatment that has never been experienced. This time we enjoyed and were satisfied. .

In terms of dining, I am used to local dishes, hot pot, and Sichuan cuisine. We yearn for seafood in Ningbo area and feel that appetite will become very strong. So we went to Ningbo Shipu Hotel and went to Shenjiamen's seafood stall (Thanks for the great recommendation and help from Hao Hao Family), and we did not expect that Cicheng, an ancient county town, also has very popular local specialty restaurants. . These also became the second highlight of the trip.

The choice of scenic spots, because "Tourism Information" published the New Year information of Cicheng in a timely manner in the January issue, and learned from the Shanghai Tourism Online that the Ningbo Self-driving Tour Service Center opened in the service area on the north bank of the expressway, and some scenic spots have very favorable tickets, so The first stop of our trip locked Cicheng. On the second day, in order to pray for the New Year, we chose the incredibly popular Putuo Mountain to burn incense. On the third day, in order to avoid the popular route, I turned to Ninghai's Qiantong Ancient Town. The combination of a popular attraction and two unpopular attractions has successfully completed the three-day trip to East Zhejiang, and has also gained a lot of valuable experience and experience.

There were a total of 5 people traveling this time. Originally, I wanted to bring Grandpa Grandma and Grandma. Unfortunately, Grandma Grandma was unwell, so she temporarily changed to Grandma Grandma. This combination has appeared for the third time in our parent-child tour. After all, the short-distance self-driving tour can bring them, it is also a travel mode worth considering, you can better grasp the food, accommodation and rhythm.

Cicheng articles

With the opening of the Hangzhou Bay Bridge, Cicheng can be reached in less than 3 hours by car from Shanghai.

In order to promote tourism in Ningbo, Ningbo Self-driving Travel Service Center has been set up at the North Shore Rest Station of the Cross-sea Bridge, where there is a wealth of tourist information including Ningbo City, Zhenhai, Beilun, Cicheng, Fenghua, etc. For your request, you can also buy a coupon for attractions in Cicheng at the service center (original price 75 yuan, preferential price 45 yuan). In the future, friends who need to go to Ningbo for self-driving may wish to stop here.

Cicheng is an old city with a history of thousands of years. Although it has undergone changes in the times, the overall urban structure has maintained the appearance of the late Qing Dynasty and the Republic of China. It is now part of Jiangbei District, Ningbo City.

After getting off the bridge, the flower mother was busy calling the Zumalou Restaurant to make a reservation, but this very nice restaurant only accepted reservations for private rooms, and the starting price was 3,000 yuan. After all, it is not a business reception. Even if it is the New Year, you have to deal with your wallet, so you decide to wait in the lobby.

Arrive at Cicheng at 11 o'clock, there is a large parking lot near S61 near Minzhu Road, which forms a south and a north side with the Zoumalou. I felt a little far away, so I drove directly into the city.

When the car reached Shangzhi Street, there was a traffic jam ahead. The imagination drove along Shangzhi Street to Jiefang Road. Jiefang Road is the central axis of this small town, all paved with slate and granite. It is a very ancient street with a boulevard path. As soon as the car got here, Hua Da was immediately excited: "Well, it smells ! Smell! "

The northern end of Jiefang Road is the former county seat. At this time, the flower dad who was going to grab a seat at Zumalou Restaurant could not take care of the most famous spot in Cicheng. Hurry up and finally arrived at the south of Cihu. Parking lot on the shore, behind the restaurant.

Three steps and two steps through the promenade of the Zuma Building to enter the restaurant, but it can only be lined up to the fourth. The waiter said to Dad: "You go first, and I will call you when it is your turn." It should be said that this service is more desirable. Just when I confirmed how long it took to wait, I gave a few vague answers: "This is hard to say, it's all just beginning ..." It seems that at least an hour is needed.

Lesson! Comrades! A profound lesson! As a rule of thumb, in the future, if you are not seated here, it is best not to wait, otherwise it will be a long and painful wait.

Giving up is a wisdom. Unfortunately, at this time, the father of Hua was not intelligent enough. He chose to implement the requirements of the mother of Hua without reservation and chose to persist. This full-length is one hour and three quarters.

Since you can't eat anything, let's visit it first. Zhaomalou is a Ningbo-style courtyard house. The so-called Ningbo style is because the Jiangnan area is relatively humid, so the courtyard houses here have two floors. Most people live upstairs. The courtyard walls here are similar to the Hui school buildings. The pink-walled tile, with a high horse head wall, is simple, simple, large and practical.

After the transformation, the entire patio was covered with glass, and an electric curtain was installed under the glass canopy, which not only maintained the lighting function of the old house patio, but also solved the sun and rain. In the patio is equipped with two sets of sofas, you can drink tea and chat, very comfortable.

In addition to the east house, the yard has been transformed into large and small independent private rooms. The east house serves as a lobby, with two round tables of 10 seats, three long tables of four seats, and four square tables of two seats.

A glittering nameplate was placed in the center of the patio, showing that this transformation has also been affirmed by UNESCO.

It's not a thing to keep walking around in the yard watching other people eat meat. The waiter suggested that we go out for a walk, anyway, we will call you when there is a seat. It was right to come, so the young and old came to Cihu.

Cihu is a source of drinking water in Cicheng. There is a long embankment in the lake connecting the north and south shores, a small stone arch bridge, and a Shigu Pavilion built in the Tang Dynasty. The north bank of the lake is Cicheng Middle School. This location reminds me of Nanhu Academy on the south side of Hongcun Village. There may be a very similar set of rules in the school's site selection since ancient times. Hua Dad was thinking that it might be here before Where is Cicheng School? Want to come to study in such a beautiful place, it should be a good memory for every graduate. And Cicheng is indeed a place of personal jediling. There are 500 people in Jinshi alone. It should not be overstated to describe them by talents.

After spending half an hour, it was almost twelve o'clock, but the phone in Zumalou still didn't come. The father of Dim Sum was in a hurry and went back to the hotel again. There are a lot more people than before, and the previous line only crossed out the number one, hey, stop on the hoe. Dad Hua called her mother and suggested that everyone be hungry and visit a schoolhouse, and he would take the initiative to leave a seat to save the cooked ducks from flying.

Cicheng Scholars' Hall is an important part of the ancient county. This is the test venue of the previous imperial examinations. Many wax figures were placed in the alumni hall to simulate the scenes of entrance examinations, examinations, and cheating when taking the imperial examinations. Because these wax figures are too realistic, especially in the character's appearance Xiaohua couldn't help but ask her mother, "Is this true? Is it true?"

Walking inside the school hall is Heng Jian Tang, which is the place where the examiner reviews the test papers, interviews the candidates, announces the names, and receives superior officials.

The next two halls are the studios of officials including examiners, proctors, and transfer officials.

There are also several multimedia phantom video clips in the school's hall, of which the "Important Picture of the Imperial Examination" simulated the story scene of Fan Jinzhongju. Everything is good, but reading is high. Why? Learning is excellent. This reminds Hua Da of a slogan "knowledge changes destiny" that I often see in the countryside today. It reminds me of the civil service exam in January this year, how similar it is!

Finally, we also visited the test room, the public temple, etc. Because there is no guide to explain, so just look at it casually.

After the mother and his party visited the school hall, the father of Hua also waited for the empty terrace of the restaurant in Zumalou. Hua Da accepts the appointment of Hua Mom and dares to order, secret sauce duck, drunk, Ning Feng roasted bran, white cut lamb, copper bowl shrimp, secret foot ring, vegetable stewed tofu, wine stuffed walnut ravioli, special fried rice cake, thick Soy milk and so on, no experience, afraid of mistakes.

It ’s getting closer, and the restaurant does n’t have any rules about how to serve. The first thing to serve is walnuts. Forget it, it ’s the same as the sentence. I do n’t know if it ’s delicious, everyone is hungry, or the level of ordering is really high. Everyone praises the dishes here. In this way, we have slightly diminished the long wait of nearly 2 hours.

After lunch, the family returned to the county. Cicheng county cricket was rebuilt after 2004. It was built according to the pattern of county crickets in the Qing Dynasty, and traces the history of Cicheng county crickets. Through historical excavation and physical proof, it should start in the Tang Dynasty. It was not until 1954 that Cixi County moved out of Cicheng and moved to its destination.

There is a big drum near the county gate. Friends who have watched "Let the Bullets Fly" should know that this is an unfair drum.

After entering the gate, there is the Yimen, with the land temple and the temple of wealth on both sides.

After entering the gate of the instrument, there is a long corridor leading to the lobby. There is a large stone monument with "Gong Shengming" on the front and "Lian Shengwei" on the back. The meaning is self-evident. There are two stone strips on both sides of the martyrdom.Xiaohua said, "This is the place to spank." Because Xiaohua had been to Jeju's Folk Village, the place where Dae Jangjin was tortured was also in this position, so she was convinced of Hua Dad's words.

The lobby is where the county magistrate works. All criminal cases are tried in the lobby, but if it is a civil case, it will be moved to the second court. This is exactly the same as today's public trials of criminal cases and private trials of civil cases.

In Tang ’s underground archeology, the most precious section of the Tang Dynasty ’s brick paving tracts was discovered in Cicheng County. The bricks more than a thousand years ago were dark gray, square, and only one finger wide. A sloping narrow one-meter narrow corridor was built, which is the remains of the yamen lobby of the county during the prosperous Tang Dynasty.

On both sides of the martyrdom are the courtroom, courtroom, workshop, execution room, barracks, household, grain department, and money section. This is equivalent to today's Personnel Bureau, Education Bureau, Construction Bureau, Public Security Bureau, Armed Services Department, People's Insurance Bureau, Food Bureau and Finance Bureau. In each room, a realistic wax figure of the scene is set according to different work content, which is very vivid.

On the east side of the lobby is the magistrate's back garden, and the living room is also located in the garden, but it is different from the scene we have seen from the drama. The real situation is that the magistrate was single in office, and You must work in a place 500 miles away. There are no family members living in the county, but if your classmates and colleagues come to visit, you can stay overnight.

To the south of the back garden is the office of the county council. Each year, the county order can have a month of family visits. The family visits must be sealed. The related work is the responsibility of the county council.

There is also an anti-corruption education base in the county hall, where scenes of successive corrupt officials being jailed, as well as a list of famous officials in history. Dad Hua looks closer, eh? A problem was found-none of the names after 1949 appeared in the official list. Humph! What a reason! !! Too no political awareness! !! !! This is a complete disregard for the great achievements of the past 60 years and the past 30 years! how can that be possible? 60 years! No one?

After coming out of the county to the west, one hundred meters west came to the Chenghuang Temple, decorated with a New Year atmosphere.

On the old stage, the Yue opera "Liang Shanbo and Zhu Yingtai" is being staged, and the ladies in the audience watch it with interest.

Walking along the building of Chenghuang Temple all the way, I couldn't see the handicraft making and manual experience mentioned in the relevant publicity. I was wondering. I saw the flower mother beckoning us behind her: "I found it, found it. "

It turned out that the place where the handicraft experience was located was on the west side of Chenghuang Temple, and it was only accessible through a small side entrance. There are sugar-blown people, embroidered tiger shoes, paper-cutting ... all have their own skills.

There are paper rolls and paper flowers in the room, handmade wood chip lamps, leather workshops, clay workshops ... Just ask, the items in these rooms are part of the Cicheng Cultural and Creative Industry Center. : Next time, if kids with circles come here, this is a good experience project.

Among these rooms, Huama was most interested in the craft of "Yan paper", so she took more photos.

It's getting late, and hurried to visit the Confucius Temple to worship the sage. On the way, we passed the Lvsheng local specialty firm on Jiefang Road, and went in to collect a number of local products such as rice cakes, bayberry wine, dried amaranth, dried plums, dried bamboo shoots and other local products.

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About 10 minutes walk to the Confucian Temple. According to the central axis, from the south to the north, there are Pingxingmen, Dachengmen, Dacheng Hall, Minglun Hall, and Tiyun Pavilion.

I took the flower to worship the saints in Confucius first, and I hope that in the future, I can gain a little spirituality from the saints.

My grandmother was a little puzzled by the dress of the statue of Kong Sheng: "Isn't this dressed like the emperor?" Happily patted his head to give an explanation: Because the Confucian thoughts of Kong Sheng have been the most powerful tool for ruling the people, Like our ideas of Marx and Mao, at that time it became the highest state of ideology, so dynasties and dynasties were willing to worship it as supreme. Just like the photos on our Tiananmen Square have always been the same.

Bypassing Dacheng Hall, I came to Minglun Hall. There is also a statue of Confucius. This statue is quite freehand but very expressive. It turned out that this was the work of Master Wu Weishan. Master Wu is famous for shaping Confucius. Confucius in front of the National Museum of Tiananmen Square is also the work of Master Wu.

After going through Minglun Hall, there is Tiyun Pavilion in the back. Tiyun Pavilion is raised high on the 7 steps. When looking up at Tiyun Pavilion, it also implies that learning the sea is boundless. Stepping on the ground, you can walk smoothly. Here are all Cicheng students who have won the top three in the Imperial Examinations.

There are two Jinshidi on both sides, and there have been more than 500 Jinshi in the history of Cixi. The grandfather looked for the same surname among the many names with great interest, and never expected that none of them could be found.

Dad Hua found that there were many people with the same last name. Dad guessed that they might belong to the same family or the same village. From this point of view, maybe studying hard and earning a good reputation is mostly an inspirational case. It is more related to the family atmosphere. If ancestors and grandparents were reading, they naturally created for their children and grandchildren, good conditions.

It is 4:30 in the afternoon from the Confucian Temple. It takes about 40 minutes from Cicheng to Ningbo along the S61 Provincial Road to the urban area. The flower mom was afraid that Xiaohua would fall asleep, and she kept talking and doing with Xiaohua. At the end of the game, Xiaohua still said, "Mom, I'm out of power ..." He fell asleep.

For dinner, Huama made a reservation for the new Shipu Hotel in Tianyi Plaza. Huapa seemed to be impressed and unimpressed. When he came out of the underground garage and saw the hotel's signboard, Huaba was in a happy mood: " Hehe, I've been here. "

Since it's called Shipu, it's seafood of course. The requirement of Huama for Ningbo Seafood is to have sea melon seeds, and it must be fried with shallot oil. It should be said that this dish did not disappoint Huama. However, the price-performance ratio of the shrimp soup here is really not complimentable. If the score is 100 points, I am afraid to give it a 71 point.

After dinner, we looked at the wonderful music fountain on Tianyi Square for a while, and thought that if it was a summer walk in the square, it should be an excellent experience, and this fountain is even more tiresome.

Then check in to the hotel. Howard Johnson Ningbo Ningbo is located on Changchun Street, Liuting Street, about 1 km west of Tianyi Square. The biggest advantage of this five-star hotel is its good location, not far from Tianyi Pavilion and Yuehu Lake, and its service concept is quite advanced, which has won high recognition from guests.

The attentiveness and enthusiasm of the hotel waiter during the check-in made Xiaohua's grandmother a bit flattered. When she saw the grandma's red leather boots in her hand, she quickly brought her tote; when she saw a child staying, the room service immediately brought the child Slippers and cartoon toothbrush; Grandma needs to see Zhou Libo, and the waiter immediately came to help adjust Oriental TV; after entering the room, the waiter first poured a cup of tea for the guest ... from the door to the front desk, from the front desk to the guest room, all the services are The upper and lower ones will not leave until the handover, and even the mother who has seen the world praises the service here.

Of course, Hua Da must also use "unexpected" to describe the service here. Let ’s take an example: Dad took the car to the underground parking lot, and the car was not close to the Zhakou railing. I saw the staff waving their hands. Stop and get the card. Follow the instructions of the staff to B2. The car has just entered. B2, I saw a staff member in the concierge costume waving and guiding. The gesture used was the navigation gesture used by an airport to guide an aircraft to a parking lot. It was very professional and easy to understand.

Everything here was what Huadab had expected, "Five-star hotel!" But then Huadad could not help exclaiming: "SHUGOI ~" It turned out that the leading brother was in Huadab's car Suddenly a standard turn left when approaching, then ran in front of the car, while running, continued waving to guide Hua Da to the designated parking space. Then he respectfully opened the door and handed the card with the parking number written on it, and led Hua Da to the staircase leading to the lobby. It should be said that this is indeed not encountered in other hotels.

In fact, the hotel's intimate service is far more than this. For example, the rooms will be welcomed with fruit and high-quality skin care packages. Hot milk, abalone porridge, bird's nest porridge or Tremella fuciformis can be provided after 9pm every day upon request. To help guests sleep well, although the service is free of charge, the hotel promises to deliver it within 10 minutes. The waiter didn't have any delay when leaving the room, he didn't give guests the feeling of "want to tip", and smiled at any time. When guests check out and check out, the hotel will also return 6% cash, which can be used for the next hotel purchase, or redeem snacks directly at the hotel West Point House, very practical. Because of all these, grandpa and grandma laughed and said they were the most satisfied hotel; Xiaohua laughed and said that she had the most intimate gift. She also laughed because she chose the right hotel. There is nothing better than service. It's even more worrying.

(to be continued)

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