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Mountains and rivers depend on each other, drunk is that gentle touch
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Travel is a magical thing. There are always unknown people or things waiting, with surprises outside of life.

Like, I never thought that I would set foot on this little-known Jiangnan city in the spring season, and after a short stay, I would take long love with a deep affection.

It is like, I never thought that in the early spring when it was warm and cold, you could meet the red maple leaves all over the mountains, reflected in the middle of the pink cherry blossoms, and watch the red maple leaves stained by the forest, in the mist of spring and autumn. Achieved.

Yuyao, a small city, looks rich because of its rich historical heritage, and because it is the hometown of the literati Yu Qiuyu, it has become the feeling of many people. The stay is not long, but every scene I recall is three-dimensional and full. For many consecutive days, quiet nights, more or less, come to dream.

Thanks for this encounter, I have a soft concern in my heart. When the flowers bloom in the coming year, return to Yuyao Wenxiang.

[Danshan Chishui] The precipitation of years is like a poetry and painting, it is amazing.

[Geological Park] Find a place to stay, which is a dream in Taoyuan

[Red Base] Just said once, this world is peaceful, years are quiet

[Siming Mountain] How many flowers do you know in your dreams?

[Yao Jiangyuan] Green eyes, fragrant overflowing, I wish this life, accompanied by Qingying

[Spring Color] Charming Spring

Many people ask me what do fish beings mean.

No special meaning. I just want to be a swimming fish among all beings. Free and light.

Need to be more detailed, then use that section of personal profiles that appear on countless websites and magazines.

"Studying in Norway is now between the mountains and rivers of the motherland. I live in Dali temporarily.

Environmentalists, the contradiction between strong and soft, the soul is on the road. It is a habit to record the delicate emotional fluctuations in travel with text and images. He has a footprint in more than ten countries and hundreds of cities.

Love the beauty, the folk customs, the food, and enjoy sharing stories and experiences on the way. Contributed to a number of travel media, travel experts, travel experts, freelance writers. "

Maybe you will see a plump fish. Perhaps, with a smile, you can't see anything. Or, you can continue to pay attention to this woman called Yuyu sentient beings.

Sina Weibo: @ 鱼鱼 众生 liluo WeChat: yuyu-20 Public number: yyzs_life

I have a name for the destination. It always feels that how to match a beautiful place with a beautiful name. For example, going to the ancient town of Jiangnan is not the most popular and famous, but the word curtain that touches the heart at first sight. For example, when choosing a hotel, just looking at the literal interpretation, you have already outlined in your mind whether you like it.

On the day I got the trip, Danshan Chishui was the most anticipated among all the attractions. I always feel that the place where I dared to express colors in such a straightforward manner must be red maple and green leaves, clear water and clear springs, and each step of walking is like a poetry and painting. Danshan Chishui, the simple four words, encompasses all the scenery.

Fortunately, this land gives the perfect feedback to all imagination. I was not disappointed at all and brought back a strong attachment.


Danshan Chishui Scenic Area, located in the hinterland of Siming Mountain, is a "national 4A-level tourist area" and is the first scenic spot in Yuyao. The scenic spot is 45 kilometers from Yuyao city and 100 kilometers from Ningbo city. The environment in the territory is beautiful, the vegetation is lush, the ancient trees inside and outside the ancient village are beautiful, and the natural ecological environment is beautiful.It is based on natural landscapes, with Taoist culture, ancient villages and villages in eastern Zhejiang Province, and folk customs as the cultural connotation, with cliffs, strange rocks, and ancient bridges. , Stream and waterfall. Known by Taoists as "the ninth cave day of thirty-six cave days" since ancient times, Song Huizong had the royal book "Danshan Chishui cave day". Many celebrities and ancestors came to express their appreciation and left many beautiful poems.


65 yuan

① Scenic area opening hours: 8: 00-17: 00 ② Children under 1.1 meters are free of charge, and half-price tickets between 1.1 and 1.4 are 25 yuan.

③ Half-price tickets for senior citizens over 70 years old with ID cards and senior citizens certificates are 25 yuan. Senior citizens under 70 years old need to buy full tickets. Free for officers.

④ From 12.1 to 3.31 in the following year, the off-season price will be implemented; from 4.1 to 11.30, the peak season will be implemented.

⑤ Summer rafting fees need to be paid separately

⑥ Relevant documents are required when using student tickets

[Line recommendation]

Scenery and scenery: Main entrance—Building rocks—Fengliang Cave—Yubei Pavilion—Mengxi Thatched Cottage—Chishui Bridge—Dandong—Yitianlang—Spreading Medicine Terrace—Siming Taoist Temple—Tianjiping—Zodiac Sign—White Tiger Lake—Qinglong Lake —Shuangluxuan—Hua Gaitan—Qiushui Long Beach—Second Entrance—South Lei Ting—Ancient Village—Main Entrance

Ancient village nostalgia: main entrance-Shanmen welcome-ancient woods-Tongxinjing-King of persimmon tree-Shen's ancestral temple-Niuyong Nong-Party branch-Tofu Square-Qiu Yu Bei-Yu Bei Ting-Mengxi Thatched Cottage-Chishui Bridge- Ancient village-main entrance

Taoist culture: Main entrance-Ancient village-Tongxinjing-Niutinong-Qiuyu monument-Chishui Bridge-Dandong-Yitianlang-Spreading medicine-Siming Taoist Temple-Tianjiping-Zodiac signs-Baihutan-Qinglongtan —Shuangluxuan—Chishui Bridge—Ancient Village—Main Entrance


1. Directly to Shilin Village: Ningbo South Railway Station has a direct bus directly to Shilin. The departure time is about 1 pm.

2. To Lijiakeng: Ningbo South Railway Station to Lijiakeng, after a mountain across the river is a persimmon forest. The mountain road is easy to recognize, but it is better to ask the locals. It only takes about 30 minutes to cross the mountain. Departure time from South Station to Lijiakeng, please ask South Station. There is a valley near Lijiakeng, and the scenery is good.

3. To Zhangxi: Ningbo South Railway Station has a direct train to Zhangxi, and the ending point is Simingshan Town. The departure time is around 6:30 in the morning. The time to the tin can is usually between 9:30 and 10:00. Go straight from the place where you got off the bus and walk straight ahead. When there is no cement road, look at the valley on the right side. There will be a mountain road going down (a small stone monument at the intersection of the mountain, about 10 cm wide and 20 cm high, with " 2 "words, it is best to ask the locals), there is no fork in this mountain road, the end point is Lijiakeng, the road is 5 miles long, all down the mountain, about 40 minutes to walk.

4. To Dalan: There are buses to Ningbo South Station and Zhongba South Station.

Danshan Chishui Scenic Area includes two parts: natural landscapes and ancient humanities. The latter mainly refers to the ancient villages of Shilin and its extended traditional folk customs and Taoist culture. Because I like it too much, I want to record it carefully, separate the Shilin Village separately, and write the piece of Taoyuan in my heart.

The gate to the scenic area and the tall archway at the entrance.

Danshan Chishui is located in the hinterland of Siming Mountain.It is a scenic area based on canyon landscape, with cultural connotation of Taoism culture, ancient mountain village style in eastern Zhejiang, and cliffs, strange rocks, ancient bridges, streams, and waterfalls. Respect for the ninth cave day.

The scenic area is composed of Danshan Eight Scenic Spots, including Danshan Chishui, Yingyan Cave Sky, Lion King Wudao, Danshui Flying Water, Gossip Sendai, Fairy Guide, Qiushui Long Beach, Siming Taoist Temple and more than thirty other scenic spots. In the area, there are beautiful peaks, ancient trees, bamboo trees, and streams.

To enter the scenic hinterland, you must first pass through Shilin Village. Along the mountains, top down. Along the way, bird sounds and flowers burst into waves. The spring of April is very good, and the cherry blossoms and peach blossoms are vying for success. The red maple, which was supposed to be seen only in late autumn, is also dense, and it looks bright at a glance.

The fence by the road was green with ginkgo and red with maple leaves.

Down the stone steps, the green bamboo on both sides seems to be in a secret place.

There is a path on the side of the stone staircase, which quietly leaves the team and wants to see the beauty of the bamboo forest.

Through the green bamboo, I saw a touch of blue in the heart, and my heart throbbed. This is the secret place I am looking for.

Hurrying out of the bamboo forest, ran towards the sound of gurgling water. What kind of blue is it, it must be like a tourmaline.

Always, prefer to landscape. This is the best gift God has ever given. Last June, I spent the whole month staying deep in the mountains, accompanied by the breeze every day, and listening to the sound of capricorns on the treetops to sleep. Never had a peaceful life.

And the water between the mountains and forests is the soul of all the pictures. Because of the rhythm of the water sound and the changing color, it is as if there is a living life, and everything looks agile.

The so-called Chishui should have been red. But I completely forgot to ask, immersed in the beauty in front of me. After consulting the information, I learned that the stream under the Shilin Village was slightly red because it flowed through the red soil layer and reflected by the red mountain rocks, so it was called Chishui Creek.

Down the river, there are White Tiger Lake, Qinglong Lake, Huagai Lake, Linglong Lake, and Qiushui Long Beach in order. The stream flows into the pond, and because of the large drop, a multi-level small waterfall is formed. The gurgling sound of the water hitting the boulder in the stream reverberates in the valley; the impacted water mist rises in the valley, forming a charming valley wonder.

There are many legends about Danshan Chishui. It is said that the ancient immortals killed sheep here and stained the rocks and streams with red, so it was also called killing sheep rocks. There are various wild trees and wild flowers growing in the gaps between the stones, which are red and green against the rock wall, and reflected in the red water. The scenery is very beautiful. "Chishui" four characters.

Going down the river and entering Danqiu Valley is another scene. As if never wondering the fairyland of fireworks on earth, walking back to earth.

A suspension bridge spans the creek, linking the coffee house to the chalet. The human voice was full of energy and laughter, and the green forest was quiet and quiet.

We took a break in the small cafe. The cafe is small and the details are tiny and beautiful. Still can't help taking some photos.

Life deserves to be treated so carefully.

Has always liked the ancient village. Every year, I always spend a certain amount of time to find a small village that rises with the morning light and lives at sunset. Get rid of the indifference of the reinforced concrete forest, the rigidity brought by the modernization process, and return to life in the simplest and simplest way. Sitting under the eaves of white walls and black tiles, lazily basking in the sun, saying hello to the passing kittens and puppies, and smiling at everyone they met.

Time flows slowly and calmly, and the heart is peaceful and joyful.

Standing on the avenue at the entrance of the scenic spot, when I saw Shilin Village at first glance, I liked it. The whole village lies quietly between the mountains, simple and comfortable, as if the beautiful scenery around it is to complement her quiet. In a short time, walking on the old street with blue tiles and gray walls, the impetuous heart slowly calmed down. I thought of it. When I fall, when the trees are full of flaming red persimmons, I will come back, move a small stool, sit under the eaves, and listen to those stories passed by word of mouth.


"Persimmon Forest" was originally called "Dongling". Because the persimmon trees around the village became forests, it was renamed "Persimmon Forest". The village covers an area of ​​6.05 square kilometers and consists of three natural villages. There are 289 farmers. In 2014, it was included in the protection list of Chinese traditional ancient villages, and won many honors such as "China's Most Beautiful Leisure Village", "National Famous Landscape Tourism Towns and Famous Villages", "China's Best Mountain Village Tourist Resorts". Shilin Village is located in the hinterland of Siming Mountain, 800 miles away, with beautiful surroundings, lush vegetation, towering ancient trees inside and outside the ancient village, and beautiful natural ecological environment. It is the location of the national AAAA scenic spot "Danshan Chishui".


Shilin Village is located in the southeast of Dalan Town, Yuyao City, Zhejiang Province, and is located in Danshui Chishui Scenic Area of ​​Siming Mountain.


You can purchase Danshan Chishui Scenic Spot tickets, and there are no other charges for entering the village.


Same as "Danshan Chishui Scenic Area".


The development of farmhouses in the village is relatively mature, and most of them can dine and stay. You can choose seasonal and local dishes with local characteristics at reasonable prices and delicious flavors. There are also coffee shops and bistros to choose from.

The accommodation can choose the farmhouse or inn run by the villagers themselves. The price is cheap and they can experience the authentic rural life. In the village, there is a boutique homestay "Mountain House", which is suitable for tourists who seek quality life.

Entering the gate of the scenic area, you can see the Shilin Village lying among the mountains. The whole village is closely tied together and perfectly integrated with the surrounding landscape. Rural life is a typical family life. People's lives are close and united, which is why there is more warmth in the cities.

On the way to the entrance to the village, there are towering trees. Take a closer lookIt is learned that they are ancient trees that have been baptized for hundreds of years, witnessing the changes of the years and staying still, and the guards generally guard this land.

The rough bark is covered with mottled moss. The marks left by those years are the essence settled between heaven and earth. With a deep texture, it can withstand careful consideration.

The tender buds growing out of the tree hole are a vigorous new life.

Around the village entrance, follow the stone steps to the deep, and at the corner, we are greeted by a cluster of flowers, full of spring.

The ancient village was built in the late Yuan Dynasty and early Ming Dynasty.It has a history of more than 600 years. The village has a large number of houses and buildings in the late Qing Dynasty and the early Republic of China. It is characterized by "stone walls and green tiles" and is a typical representative of the ancient village in Shanxiang, Zhejiang. . During the stroll, time is stagnant and time is ancient.

Shilin Village is a blood village with a single surname. According to the records, it is the descendant of King Zhou Wen, who migrated here from Henan in ancient times. In addition, there are many Chinese relics and historic sites in the village. Shen's Ancestral Hall and Chishui Bridge are the cultural relics protection units in Yuyao. "One village, one surname, one ancient well drinking Qianding" highly summarizes the characteristics of Shilin Village, a single Shen family name, a secluded mountain forest, self-sufficient, simple and kind, but has no intention of official career but inherits the family style village of "cultivation and heirship". Vulgar.

Although far away from the city and contented with joy, the people of Shilin Village have not been isolated and isolated at all, but welcome tourists from all over the world with the simplest rural temperament. Shuttles between Qingshi Road, the inn and the hotel can be seen everywhere, but nothing unexpected.

People sat contentedly at their doorsteps and did not deliberately solicit business. Tourists passing by Buddhas, if they chose their own home, would be a rare fate.

Say hello and chat to old people you meet. They grinned, with the love of their elders. Some are hearty, dancing, and proud of words. Some are shy, avoiding facing the camera, and can't help looking back.

The uncle who stirs the tea is restless. Let me have a casual chat, take pictures, squat and watch the tea leaves in the iron pot flip at my fingertips. There is not much talk and no emotion of rejection. At this moment, frying a pot of good tea fragrance is the business.

Occasionally, in a casual corner, a glimpse of a cafe. The bustling outside the house. If it weren't for the rush, I really wanted to push in the door, order a latte, hold a favorite book, sit at the window, and watch the mountains pass by like a dai, the pedestrians passing by.

Persimmon is a traditional famous fruit of the persimmon forest. It is famous for its bright fruit color and soft and sweet meat. It has a history of more than 400 years. Every year, in the golden autumn of October, the annual "Danshan Chishui Persimmon Festival" is held in Shilin Village, attracting thousands of tourists. In addition, high mountain cloud tea, dried bamboo shoots, and sweet potato dates are also local specialties of persimmon forest.

In April, during the spring season, when bamboo shoots grow wildly, the village is covered with fresh bamboo shoots.

Fresh wild vegetables are also the most popular dish in spring.

Every time at noon and evening, the villagers' homes are smoking smoke, cooking grains, wild game, and eating urban dishes that are cleverly matched with color, aroma and taste. In the natural scenery, enjoy authentic farmhouse dishes and enjoy the pleasant farmhouse pleasure, don't have a flavor in mind.

When he arrived at Shilin Village, he was already hungry. When I walked into a farmhouse, there was a large courtyard, and the rising smoke, I decided to enjoy it here.

After posting this photo, some friends said that it was obviously the Chinese version of UGG. If you look closely, it's true that the magic is the same.

Dishes, served soon. They are all country-style farm dishes. They are delicious and authentic, and they are the dream of childhood in many cities.

White cut chicken. Only the free-growing chickens, which are free from miscellaneous grains, can exhibit such attractive golden yellow.

Seasonal dishes in spring, naturally a bowl of spring bamboo shoots.

Fat but not greasy braised elbow, even me, who is almost non-soiled, couldn't help but chop a few more times.

Wild vegetables in the mountains and wild fields bring the taste of the spring.

Deep fried pit fish. The meat is delicate and sweet, instant disc.

Soft waxy sweet red dates.

This dish came up, and everyone praised it. The "bullet frog" was so firm and dazzled by the owner: "This is much more valuable than a bull frog. This is our wild stone frog in the mountains. Is it the same thing? "

Well, don't talk much, hurry up a few more pieces of meat.

The restaurant is full of tea, and the guide in the village must take us to the mountain residence, with a little mystery and pride. What kind of place is so that people in Shilin Village are so interested in recommending it to us, but it evokes curiosity.

Crossing the winding road, the flowers are blooming, and the place is suddenly bright. It is the mountain house, the best boutique homestay in the village.

If this is a boutique bed and breakfast, it is more like a home with elegant decoration. Living room, kitchen, bedroom.

Fully equipped kitchen can live like at home.

The bedroom is on the second floor, and it has a master bedroom and a second bedroom. Each room has different decoration styles and colors, each with its own characteristics.

When I left Shilin Village, I chose a different road than when I entered the village. For the whole spring day, I met the most beautiful red maple, shining in the sun, and this last glance was really beautiful.

I was in a daze for this group while finishing the photos. Quiet in heart, the Buddha returned to the time standing by the lake.

The sunlight projected obliquely, and the red and green willows by the lake reflected deep into the water. There was almost no trace of wind. The entire water surface was generally calm, and the water and the water were facing each other.

A group of photos were posted on Weibo and WeChat, and countless friends came to ask, where is this, and want to see it. They said, looking at the photos, they saw the beauty, saw the tranquility, and saw a different world. They said that in the simple and clean picture, I saw happiness. If one day, take her with her.

Every message makes me moved. Thank you for reading the story in the photo. At that moment, this was my Taoyuan.


Simingshan Geopark is the first provincial geopark in Ningbo. It has the largest and most well-preserved ancient planation plane in East China, with a total area of ​​61.7 square kilometers and is divided into three major blocks, namely the Hemudu ancient human culture that was previously open. The park and four windows rock-Danshan Chishui Geological Park, and Luocheng Mountain-Yangtian Lake Geological Park. The core scenic spot of the geopark-Luocheng Mountain Scenic Spot is located in Dashan Village, Simingshan Town. The Siming Mountain Geopark Scenic Area has a large number of complete ancient Yi planes. Great place for geological landscape. The scenic area has eight major landscapes, such as Siming Nostalgia, Great Wall, Feng Fei Tian, ​​Shenying Broken Wall, Pine Forest Xunfang, Bihu Liuyun, Pinggang Dining Show, Green Wild Fairy, etc., with a total area of ​​about 300 acres. Tourists walk through the park through the walking trail About 2 kilometers, you can intuitively feel the various geological landscapes in the geological area of ​​Siming Mountain. Among them, "Siming Nostalgia" restores the surface landscape of the ancient Yi plane of Siming Mountain.


Adult ticket: 60 yuan (including 20 yuan for 4D dynamic cinema viewing)
Preferential policy:
A. Ticket exemption policy: Children's height ≤ 1.2 meters are exempt from large tickets; disabled persons are exempted from large tickets with valid credentials.
B. Preferential policy: Children are 1.2 meters tall

[Opening hours] 08: 30-16: 30



① Go to the Ningbo Yuyao Exit and take the Liangzhou Line and the Xixi Line, pass through the Liangnong Town and Dalan Town of Yuyao, drive in the direction of Siming Mountain, reach the Dashan Village of Siming Mountain Town, and get to the Geopark Scenic Area (about 1 and a half hours by car) )
② Exit from Fenghua Xikou Exit to Simingshan Town, Yuyao, and Dashan Village Geopark (with signs along the way) (about 1 hour)
From Yuyao South Station, take 519 to Siming Mountain and turn to Road 637 to get off at Geopark Station.

Simingshan Geopark is divided into three major blocks: Hemudu Ancient Human Cultural Park, Danshan Chishui Geological Park and Luocheng Mountain-Yangtian Lake Geological Park. Due to time, I went directly to the core Luocheng Mountain Scenic Area for a visit.

Luocheng Mountain is the last exposed area of ​​the ancient Yiping plane of Siming Mountain. Luocheng Mountain is about 750 meters high and has a flat top with an area of ​​about 0.53 square kilometers. It is a composite platform composed of Yiping plane and basalt. The main rock forming Luocheng Mountain is granite about 100 million years ago (mid-Cretaceous). The top of the granite is a sandy weathering crust formed by the Miocene (23 million to 5.33 million years ago), with a thickness of tens of meters. The altitude is about 650 meters.

In order to better understand the geological structure of Luocheng Mountain, you can first visit the museum.

At the entrance of the Geological Museum, there are large swaths of flowers. In April, the north is still dim, and the south has passed, and the south of the river, not the south, is coincident with spring.

When preparing to enter the museum, a fat and curious Song Lion came to the door and instantly attracted all the attention. Living stone lion image.

In the exhibition hall, the process of the formation of the geological structure of Siming Mountain brought about by the change of crustal movement over the past billions of years is shown graphically.

At the same time, various types of mineral rocks discovered within the range of Siming Mountain were displayed.

For example, in the case of layered calcite with underground hydrothermal condensation, the crystal is generally crystal clear.

For example, the blue copper ore and malachite, which are born with geothermal heat, radiate charming metallic colors.

Gypsum clusters, like blooming desert roses, have complex and delicate petals.

The most special is mud-cracked limestone with regular and flat edges, but the whole surface shows cracked patterns. It seems that the mysterious creature dome discovered in ancient times has magical calling ability.

When I walked out of the Geological Exhibition Hall and walked around a meadow, I met Yangtian Lake. This time, it was amazing the beauty of the eyes.

For two consecutive days, Panshan Road headed deep into the mountains. I thought that the geopark, just looking at the mountains, must have a peculiar landform and strange rock formations. I had never thought about it, and it was such a quiet Taoyuan that it was hidden.

The cherry blossoms on the other side are flourishing, and the shadowy figure is reflected in the lake. The ripples blown by the wind are full of spring in the lake!

The woods by the lake have become a good place for people to rest and burp. Find two trees, hang a hammock, squint and squint, and the lazy half-days pass away in the bright spring.

Bypassing the lake and walking down the stone steps, my eyes suddenly opened up. The atmosphere of Luo Chengshan was truly displayed, and it had a charm.

The Siming Mountains formed a broad planation during the Miocene, and were subsequently covered by basalt. In the long period of geological history, the elevation of the flat surface was eroded by the flowing water, separated by the valley into an isolated platform, and formed a series of beautiful mountain landscapes.

A large number of complete ancient Yi planes are preserved in the scenic area, and it is also an excellent place to appreciate the geological landscapes such as Zhejiang's high platform and wetlands, torches and stone eggs, waterfalls, springs and other geological landscapes.

鹁 鸪 Feitian, an iconic scenic spot. Two large and one small natural stones are superimposed on top of each other. Looking at it from the side, a buddha is ready to go and stands on a cliff with wings spread.

Looking up from below, it looks like a meek and well-behaved pug, gazing into the distance, guarding the landscape.

The condor broke the wall, another representative of the ghost axe in the scenic area. The eagle's beak is fierce and fierce, as if it is about to dive from the rock wall and dive like a prey.

This boulder resembles the outline of an elephant. Elephant ears, elephant eyes, elephant noses, skulls are all available, but they just screamed and shook the mountains.

On the cliff opposite, in the abrupt rock crevices, a splendid red bloomed, standing arrogantly.

It was just the weekend, and many tourists came to Tachun for sightseeing. Along the long boardwalk, people can always meet laughter and stop to take pictures.

And we, reluctantly return, farewell to the magnificent beauty of Luo Chengshan, farewell to the tranquil beauty of Yangtian Lake, and continue to march with beautiful scenery.

"Four Mings and Three Thousands of Miles, Along the Red Sky at Chicheng, The Red Light Scattered at Sunrise, and the Light Shines at the Snow Cliff"

The poet Xian Li Bai once praised the beauty of Siming Mountain in such a way. In just 20 words, he painted a magnificent scene in front of his eyes, making people yearn for it.

Scholars, most of whom love nature, visited the famous rivers and rivers, expressing their hearts in front of the beautiful scenery of the beautiful sky, and Wensi springs. The places that can be regarded as favorite places by the writers of all ages, and they are unforgettable, certainly have excellent scenery and can withstand exploration.

Siming Mountain is one of them. It used to be the central station of the "Tang Poetry Road", which attracted countless literati and writers. Between the mountains and rivers, freehand strokes left many immortal poems.


Simingshan National Forest Park was originally called Ningbo Forest Farm, covering an area of ​​more than 100,000 acres, spanning five counties (cities) including Yuyao, Fenghua, Shangyu, Luzhou, and Luzhou. The average altitude here is 700 meters, and the highest peak of the Siming Mountain is 1020 meters above sea level, which is located at the southern end of the park. Due to the wide and scattered mountainous area, the park includes almost all the main peaks of the Siming Mountain, becoming the highest altitude and largest forest park in Ningbo. The air here is fresh, with high oxygen content, and has the reputation of "natural oxygen bar". The park's forest coverage rate is over 96%, and there are many types of wild plants and animals. It is also known as the “Zhedong East Museum of Natural Animals and Plants”.


50 RMB



Ningbo to Siming Mountain: Ningbo-Fenghua Xikou-Simingshan Town-Forest Park 72 kilometers.

From Yuyao to Siming Mountain: Take the highway to the Yuyao crossing, take the Liangzhou Line and the Xixi Line, pass through Liangnong Town and Dalan Town of Yuyao, and reach Simingshan Town. There are street signs nearby.

Public transit

1. There is a bus from Ningbo South Bus Station to Simingshan Town (2 hours) at 1:35 pm, and then transfer to Simingshan National Forest Park.

2. Ningbo South Bus Station arrived at Fenghua River Estuary at about 7 am and took Fenghua-Yuyao's CMB to Simingshan Town.

3.From Yuyao, take Ningbo Yuba Zhongba South Bus to Yuyao South Bus (1 and a half hours), and then transfer to Yuyao South Bus to Siming Mountain (2 hours), The departure time from Yuyao South Station to Siming Mountain is 6:40, and the last shift is 2:30 in the afternoon.

Simingshan Forest Park is actually just a general title. The park is very large. The beautiful scenery and peculiar landforms in the whole Siming Mountain can be found everywhere.

Drive into the Siming Mountain Gate, and the hustle and bustle of the city is the partition. The body and heart climbed with the circling mountain road and became lighter.

In front of the mountain gate, stop to take pictures. On the right is a small park that connects Siming Lake. Siming Lake is very large, its area is equivalent to two Hangzhou West Lakes, and its water storage capacity is 12 times that of West Lakes. Although it is an artificial lake, it seems like the sky is open, quiet and elegant, tender and affectionate, and it just represents the charm of Wu Yue culture.

The weather is slightly overcast, and the lake is covered with a pale gray mist. On the contrary, it makes people feel that the waves are misty, and the landscape is quite artistic.

There are many low mountains and hills in the forest park. With the sound of the car, all the way to the hinterland of the mountain. The scenery along the way changes endlessly as the altitude increases. Every time I traveled this way, I was always reluctant to rest my eyes, for fear of missing the fleeting beauty. Open your eyes and look out the window.

Every inch of the wheel's rolling is like a frame playing. Verdant bamboo, vigorous pine, gorgeous maple and abrupt rock are rolling in front of each other. The originally gloomy sky slowly showed a smile, and the bright blue penetrated behind the clouds.

The climate in the park is slightly cold and humid, with four distinct seasons. You can watch the sunrise in the morning, watch the sunset in the evening, watch the sea of ​​clouds overcast in the shade, and enjoy the snow and fog in winter. Of course, the changing beauty of the four seasons requires talented people to enjoy it.

We arrived in early spring in April and had a meeting with spring and willow greens, and we were satisfied.

After having lunch in Siming Villa, set off for Shenxiu Valley. Shenxiu Valley is one of the main attractions in the forest park. It is named after two large and one small artificial lakes, "Deep Lake" and "Xiu Lake". The scenery is beautiful and it is one of the most popular attractions.

The lake is surrounded by green trees, the lake is clear and green, and it is quiet and deep, so it is called Shenxiu Valley. Forest stone trails are built around the lake, and the scenery is easy to walk and twists and turns. There are pavilions and water pavilions such as Lingzhi Pavilion, Hancui Pavilion, Shenxiu Pavilion, Linhu Hanbi, tree-lined water pavilions, and Tengyun.

There are pillars of the Chinese zodiac by the lake, all of them come to life.

Go down the mountain road to Xiuhu. Along the way, all spring is thick.

The two lakes, one large and one small, have completely different customs because of the different depths of the lake water and the difference in the surrounding vegetation. One magnificent, one beautiful, one green, and one blue.

Not far from Shenxiu Valley, there is a red maple base. Looking from a distance, the fiery red maple leaves and the pink cherry blossoms reflect each other, as if the green and velvet silk blankets create a strong ink painting.

I have always loved cherry blossoms. Because the hometown has a large area of ​​cherry trees, and the city with the longest stay in youth is known as cherry blossoms, because she loves her gorgeous and unobtrusive nature.

In most cities, the cherry blossom season has passed. In the Siming Mountains, such a gorgeous flowering period can also be expected, which is unexpected. Without too many words, my heart is rejoicing, and I am alone in the flowers, photographing the flowers I like. That's fine.

Be a girl who loves flowers, blooming into the brightest smile on spring day.

I always love tea, just like some people are enthusiastic about the mellowness of coffee, I always linger on the aftertaste and sweetness left between the cup and the lips. Observing the shape of tea, smelling tea, and savoring tea, is the first level of tea lovers. Most of those who love tea pursue tranquility and indifference. Even though they are tortuous in their lives, they leave a field in their hearts, full of tea fragrance.

It was learned that one day in the itinerary, when I came to Chashan to watch the sea of ​​clouds, my heart jumped. I was thinking that I would push out the door early in the morning, walk in the mist, and walk through the tea forest, and let the corner of my pants and my fingertips be covered with the morning dew in the tea room. Such a thought, before the night, the heavy rain drowned out hope. Morning fog and clouds are hard to find. Simply, rest in a good night's sleep, and see the Chashan shining green and velvety in the sun.

It's all beautiful.

Yuyao has produced a fine green tea very early. This tea complements the water of the waterfall. It was named "Waterfall Immortal" by Lu Yu, the "tea sage", and was included in the "Book of Tea". This tea came out in the Tang Dynasty and became famous all over the world. It is one of the oldest historical teas in the country. Although not as well-known as West Lake Longjing, it is better for those who understand tea.

Along the way into Siming Mountain, the tea gardens were seen to be high and low. And Dalan Town has the largest area and the best quality. Dalan Mountain is located in the hinterland of Siming Mountain.It is the birthplace of the three major river systems of Yaojiang, Cao'ejiang and Fenghuajiang.The climate is warm and humid, and the water quality is very good. Origin.

From Jingu Garden, it takes about half an hour by car to reach the source of Yaojiang. Suddenly bright eyes, the emerald green tea garden spread out in front of them. Yao Jiangyuan is located in Sifeng Village, Dalan Town. Sifeng was originally called "Four Peaks" and was named because of four mountain peaks around the village. The average altitude here is 550 meters, surrounded by mountains, green forests, and acres of tea gardens looming. Whenever the water and gas are sufficient, the clouds are dazzling, and people enter into it, still feeling like a fairyland on earth.

Standing on the side of the mountain and looking forward, I saw the surrounding mountains surrounded by greenery; the mountains and ancient trees on both sides were overgrown with weeds; the front layers were cascading, and the wading pools were like the jade plate in the sky. Green gems are embedded in the heart of Siming; looking back, I saw tens of acres of tea mountain descending from the sky, bursts of tea scented, and the feeling of coziness and intoxication was extremely comfortable.

"The towering Siming Mountains and the turbulent Yaojiang River", the great power of nature, have created wonderful landscapes and have given everything to life.

The weather that was supposed to be hazy gradually became clear. The sun dripped through the clouds, and the tea leaves began to shine with an oily green luster.

The red maple in front is also beautiful in light and shadow. One red and one green, this is the most beautiful color in nature.

In a different way, leaving a shadow. At this moment, he is with Chashan.

Walking along the path along the tea garden to the mountain for about 200 meters, we can see a stone stele engraved with five thick and intricate characters of "Yuyao Jiangzhengyuan". The source of Yuyao's mother, He Yaojiang, has arrived.

Yao Jiangyuan consists of two spring wells, one behind the other. It is said that the two spring wells have a history of hundreds of years. No matter how dry or freezing the springs are, the springs never run dry. Villagers will come here to rest and drink water.

The spring eye is very small, but half a meter square, and the bottom of the spring is very shallow, tens of centimeters bottom. If it weren't for your own eyes, it would be difficult to imagine how many years, the mother river of Yao Jiang, which has nurtured tens of millions of people, would have originated from such a small spring. This is the magical balance of nature.

After visiting the tea garden, don't drink a good cup of tea and make a trip to Chashan. The owner of the tea plantation naturally saw our thoughts and walked down with enthusiasm. Behind the woods, a small tea plant stood in the mountains.

If this is a small tea factory, I prefer to call it a handicraft workshop for tea artists. I don't like large-scale factories to produce, I always feel that carrying handmade products is the mark and temperature of people. With the story behind it, there is also Yu Gan aftertaste, and it seems very precious.

The workshop is not big, everything is related to tea.

Equipped with a dustpan that has been sifted through the buds.

Tumbling machine.

Focus on selected workers.

The sunlight outside the house was just right. The owner of the tea garden moved out of the small stool and placed it in the center of the courtyard. The time for tea tasting has finally arrived.

Tea means life, and life is like tea. A glass of clear brewing is like a lifetime. It seems that the clouds are light and the wind is light. Before going through the ups and downs, it will be able to endure the return to sweetness for a long time. Head down and sniff gently, as if all the hustle and annoyance were isolated from the tea fragrance.

April is a good time for picking spring tea, especially Jiangnan green tea, which is expensive. Before and after the Ming Dynasty, the price can reach a huge difference. During the tea-drinking period, I saw tea farmers working in the garden, and couldn't help but go into it and take a closer look.

I saw my fingertips flip quickly, and I already had a handful of young leaves in my palm. After a while, the basket was full.

Chatting with her aunt picking tea, she was a little embarrassed, smiled broadly, didn't speak, and her fingers kept dancing. It seems that I am afraid that this spring tea will be delayed, the best season.

A pot of water, a cup of tea, this is the daily life of tea people.

At this moment, let me also be a tea picking girl, smelling the fragrance of the tea, full of fragrance.

Liang Nong is located in the Siming Mountains in eastern Zhejiang Province, south of Yaojiang. According to legend, it was originally named "Liang Feng" where the two surnames of Liang and Feng lived together. Due to the large number of streets, it is homophonic as "Liang Nong". Long history, beautiful landscapes and abundant products have created the profound cultural heritage of this land. At the same time, because of its unique geographical location, it has become a battleground for soldiers of all ages.

Long history, for the time being, for now, Liang Nong is unique among the many small towns in Jiangnan because of the indelible red revolutionary feelings. During the turbulent revolutionary years, this small town became the leading center of the Zhejiang East Base, one of the nineteen anti-Japanese bases in the country.

Walking in the streets and alleys, the time is warm and peaceful, only those old wooden houses and yellowed photos are still telling the story of the fiery red of that era.


Siming Mountain was one of the nineteen revolutionary bases in the country and one of the seven guerrilla areas in southern China. During the War of Resistance Against Japan and the War of Liberation, it made an indelible contribution to China's revolutionary cause. As of 2014, there are 600 kinds of cultural relics displayed in the Simingshan Revolutionary Memorial Hall, and important historical facts have been introduced systematically. To the west of the memorial, the original house of the "Zhedong East Bank Site" is still there, and it has been erected today