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Museum of Stone Carving Culture that can be Inhabited in Mountains and Waters——Ningbo Banma Homestay
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I don't know when it will start to find it increasingly difficult to find a homestay that really settles down. Unique geographical location, different aesthetic design, light luxury home configuration, and of course, indispensable human characteristics. The inn that can gather all of the above is really like a needle in a haystack.

Fortunately, I met Banma's Homestay Yuyao Yanlu Qingshe in Yanjia Village, Yanhu Village, Yuyao, Ningbo. The unique style surprised me a little. It is near the South Leiyan Lake and the Bird's Nest Ancient Road. It is about a 10-minute drive from the expressway entrance and exit, making travel very convenient. The fascinating views of Siming Mountain and Siming Lake are like a wonderful landscape painting.

Since ancient times, Jiangnan has never lacked garden buildings that were built by people, even from the sky, as is Yanlu Qingshe. The winding path is quiet, and there is no cave. Even under a small tree in the courtyard, looking at a piece of bamboo, and tapping a wild flower still covered with dew, you can throw all your worries and worry out of the clouds.

I always think that the stone relics are the masters here, and the carved figures from the courtyard to the interior can be seen everywhere. Opening the thick old elm gate, a habitable stone carving culture museum is presented. As if travelling in the space of 5,000 years, the beasts are shaped, and the inscriptions on the inscriptions tell you the vicissitudes of history. In particular, the inscription on the inscription of the ugly room is so appropriate that it is used here.

The manager is a big boy after 1990. After graduation, he stayed as a volunteer in a Tibetan inn for about half a year. Then he worked in a charity opened in Hong Kong on the mainland for more than a year. Since then, he has an inextricable bond with the homestay. According to him, the artworks of Yanlu Qingshe are all certified and filed by Zhejiang Academy of Huaxia Stone Carving Art Research Institute, and have high artistic and cultural value. If you have eyesight, you can bring back the love in your heart. Keep it at home.

The entrance is like a city, and the entrance is quiet and distant. Each floor of Yanlu Qingshe has its own beauty. 8 extremely Zen-like rooms, with windows as a view, plus a balcony overlooking the mountain and lake, and the green Yanhu microwave Rippling, the green hills in the distance continue. Of course, if it is not enough, go to the terrace with a roof, which has a wider view.

The furniture in the rooms is made of rare unpainted wood, simple and rustic. Fruits and mineral water for guests are placed at the table. Special disposable slippers, handmade soap, mosquito repellent supplies are all available, and a guest book is carefully prepared to listen to the language of the guests at all times, giving the guests a homely feeling. Choose comfortable bedding and latex mattresses, linen and cotton fabrics, British Thinkubody toiletries, fully automatic Rans toilets, and some rooms equipped with surf jacuzzi to help you sleep well in the frog voice.

In the morning, enjoy a cup of citron on the balcony and watch the changes of the four seasons, lamenting how many people in the world can be so relaxed. Looking at the grass house on the courtyard in the courtyard, there are two elders playing games against each other. It seems that the battle is fierce. Regardless of the surrounding vegetation, blooming. The sound of a harp went around the beam, the string sound dropped but a plume of smoke was seen. The inn provides a nutritious, healthy and delicious rich breakfast prepared by the housekeeper, ensuring that your day is full of energy! However, to eat, it must be the most unique farmhouse lake fresh here, the taste is light, the amount is delicious, especially the Yanlu white cut chicken is a must.

The host is a very affectionate person, who polished this place into a bed and breakfast that integrates culture, art, and life into one of the most dazzling scenery on the bank of Yan Lake. Many travellers and passers-by will come here to visit, and it is especially beneficial to hear that the store manager talks like a few treasures. While experiencing leisure and savoring nature, you are exposed to the cultural baptism and sublimation of museum-like culture, and appreciate the meaning of life, time and space, and survival from art. Teach people to abide by the Tao of Heaven and Gu Renlun, to stand by virtue, to be modest and prudent, to be polite and honest, to be gentle and elegant, to adhere to principles, and to set an example for others. Not forgetting your original intention, walking forward, Yanlu will always adhere to the most authentic meaning of the homestay, and bring every guest who has travelled here to feel comfortable and comfortable!

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