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Xiangshan Sea Legend Tour
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2019.8.16 ~ 8.18 weekend three-day tour, usually with shopping, if pure travel, the price is about 150 yuan a day, this three-day weekend tour of Xiangshan, only brought a shopping point, the content is quite rich of.

The first day of the trip 2019.8.16 East half of the mountain night Shipu ancient city

Half of the mountain is located in the East China Sea, Xiangshan County Stone Town, the East China Sea, it is surrounded by the sea, shaped like a unicorn, accompanied by two islands, whitecaps embracing.

Years left "magic" on the East China Sea peninsula shaped like the unicorn of the Swiss beast. The legendary stories of Sun Wukong's birthplace, Pig Bajie Mountain Splitting, Dragon King Xianbao, Xu Fudongdu, Qi Jiguang's resistance to chanting are sung here. This is the entrance of the Nanlong Great Vein of China. Purple gas comes from the east and Xiangrui gathers. In the mountains, Peng Peng spreads his wings, when the dragon enters the sea, and the big Buddha lies on the waves; on the island, there are longevity turtles standing tall, Ruyi crossing the sky, and unicorns riding the waves.

[ Dongdan Beach ] Facing the sea, spring blossoms. Away from the hustle and bustle of the city, the pursuit of leisure in the blue sky and white clouds. This is the place closest to your dream. This is an unintentionally carved jasper with a coastline of approximately 2.5 kilometers in length. This is the golden beach of Dongdan Village in Dongchen Township. The Red Rock Scenic Area, known as China's No. 1 Cliff Beach Promenade near Jinshatan, has unique geological structures and strange mountains and rocks. The villagers of Dongdan by the sea still only use this "yard" at the door of the Seaview writers, without the savvy energy of the villagers in the developed scenic area.

【Night Tour Shipu Ancient City】

It's hot, so wait for the gathering to have a glass of "Taimang"

Second day 2019.8.17 East Gate Legend of the sea fishing village - China Sea Studios + 7D snow world

[Dongmen Fishing Village] On Dongmen Island, across the harbor from Shipu Town, there are 240 high-power steel fishing boats.

The fishery economy is developed, known as "the first village in Zhejiang fishery". The fishing village has both mountains and sea, beautiful scenery, and long history of coastal defense. The island has many historic sites, ancient appearances, and cultural landscapes. The marine cultural history is rich, and the fisherman style is strong.

Matsu statue in the village

[ Sea Legend-China Sea Studios + 7D Snow World ]

China ’s first immersive film and television theme park, a film and television cultural and tourism complex jointly created by Zhejiang Radio and Television Group and the Xiangshan People ’s Government. It combines old-fashioned trams as a carrier and combines a multi-degree-of-freedom motion platform, three-dimensional curtain, and multi-channel custom surround sound Zhejiang Satellite TV's "Sound Voice" performing arts will show visitors the thrilling cycling journey by showing the various thrills encountered during the operation of trams.

Day 3 Itinerary2019.8.18 Xikou Ancient Town

The ancient town of Xikou is located in Xikou Town, Fenghua, 40 kilometers southwest of Ningbo City, with Wuling in the east, Luanxi in the south, Xuedou Mountain in the north, and a mountain ring with beautiful water.

Wulingmen is the only way to enter Xikou Town. It is named after it was built on the ridge of Wushan. Interpretation of this name: It is said that around Wuling in Xikou, the scenery of mountains and rivers is similar to Tao Huayuan in Tao Yuanming's writings, and the two are homophonic. The people in the village are known as Wuling, meaning the land of paradise.

Monk, his hand is touched

It ’s a monk

Xuedou Mountain Scenic Area, known as the "First Mountain of Siming", is located at the eastern edge of Siming, with an altitude of more than 600 meters. The milk bee on the mountain presents a sinus, and water like milk comes out of the sinus, hence the name Snow Sinus.

At the end of this trip, Haitian Yizhou, which passed by the return journey , is located on the middle platform of the Hangzhou Bay Cross-sea Bridge

Food -is the farmhouse meal good every meal!

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