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In the summer, in the days here, everything becomes long and enjoyable
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There is a place in Ningbo called Mao Yu, where you can watch the ancient trees towering, listen to Du Fu singing, enjoy the mountain wind caress, drink the mountain spring sweet. Secular and fairyland are here, and the scenery is breathtaking.

The name of Mao Yu, ancient and uncommon. "镬", the word of the sea is interpreted as an ancient cookware, without a tripod.

Maoyu is located in Longjiantou Mountain on the north side of Zhougongzhai Reservoir in Zhangshui Town, Haishu District, Ningbo City. It is a small village hidden in the depths of Siming Mountain. It has a history of more than 400 years. It has the reputation of “Zhedong First Ancient Tree Village”. . The terrain is like a dragonfly, surrounded by thatched grass, which is named after it.

If water is the soul of the Zhougongzhai Reservoir, then nature is the beautiful background of Mao, beautiful in her towering old trees, beautiful in her natural environment. The time that the time is integrated into the hustle and bustle has also melted into the color of this mountain.


The early summer is surrounded by a green circle, and the trees, the ground, and even the water are full of vitality.

A week around the village, the former broken arm wreckage has now become a piece of flower field. The people who lived here have no trace at this time. They have already moved to Ningbo to live. However, the ancient trees of this village still guard the land. The mountains are full of leaves, green, and fresh and tender leaves are very rich.


Passing through these two old-fashioned pines, along the side of the small intestines paved by the bluestones, there is a small piece of flowers, bright yellow, fresh and lovely. A new hydrophilic plank road was built along the reservoir. The stack road is undulating in the mountains, twisting and twisting in the shape of a mountain. The plank road depends on the cliff wall, and the outer side is the magnificent Zhougongzhai Reservoir. The turquoise water surface reflects the surrounding mountains. It is impossible to distinguish whether there are mountains in the water or water in the mountains. The fish occasionally jump out of the water and make a splash. Then they drilled into the bottom of the water and disappeared into the mountains.


The Ming and Qing Dynasties of the powder wall and the tile are full of ancient charm, slow-paced country life, and more difficult and tranquillity between cities. In fact, Mao is a small village, small enough to have dozens of residents. But in my eyes, Mao is so big that I can embrace the whole summer.

In the summer, the beauty of the human world is rendered to the extreme. Every sunshine is full of poetry, and every leaf is stained with paintings.


I remember when I was a child, there were many people living in Mao. Around the village, the local people planted many fruit trees, including peaches, bayberry, persimmons, etc., but the most were peaches. At that time, we often took motorcycles to pick them. The peaches are big and sweet, and I still feel uncomfortable when I think about it today.

In the morning, the mist lingers among the trees, light and sturdy, and the whole village is covered with it. The trees in the village are surrounded by fog. The sun shines, and the beam of light in the shade is exceptionally fresh.


When the morning fog dissipated, the Mao dynasty gradually became clearer, and the poetry of the small village was fascinating and cold.

Gently fall on the soft land, the birds combed the feathers carelessly in the branches, the ancient forest behind the Mao, lying quietly there, I don’t know how many spring, summer, autumn and winter, huge trunks, It takes a few people to hug.

Have to admire the strong vitality of these trees. In this ancient forest, several of them are even hollow, but they still have lush foliage, no matter how strong the storm is, they stand up.


Old wooden doors, I don’t know how many years have passed. The wooden doors are closed, no one over-inquires, no one deliberately cares, everything is plain and natural. It used to be a hall in the past, but at this moment, people have gone to the sky and have become a ruin.

Some maples, citrons, pines, and ginkgo trees are scattered scattered in the village. Any one of them has been on the grass for a hundred years. On the green grass, the broken stone wall is covered with ivy, it is like putting a piece on the wall. The green coat outlines the texture of the old time.

Walking in the hustle and bustle, when you are tired, you will find a tree, find a stone, and rest your feet. Feel free to lie down and enjoy this quiet.

The sun hangs on the west hill, calm water, and it is illuminated by gold. I really want to take a fishing rod and fish quietly on the side of the reservoir, enjoying the baptism of the mountain breeze and the birds singing.


On the night of the Mao, there was an empty silence. Only the stars in the sky and the insects on the ground, the frog did not know where to scream. It is quiet like a place to be isolated, no splendid lights, only the lights that are fleeting from the road, one night of spring, a night of dreams.


Line 1: Yuyao South Station takes bus 509, 513, to Datun Bus Station, take bus 639 to get off at Sijingyan Drifting Station, walk about 500 meters to 100 steps, transfer to 617-4 to Maoshu Ancient Tree Group Get off at the station.

Line 2: Take Yuyao South Station 532,516 bus, go to Shangzhuang Bus Station, take bus 687 to get off at Miyan Bus Station, take bus 617, 617-4, 617-6, 617-7 to Mao Get off at the ancient tree group stop.

Take bus No. 634 and 661 in Ningbo City and get off at the bus stop at the Minjiang Bus Station before 9:00, then transfer to the bus lines 617, 617-4, 617-6, 617-7 and get off at the Maoshu Ancient Tree Group Station. .

Departure from Hanjiang Station (subject to local departure time)

Departure time of 617-3: 13:30

Departure time of 617-4: 9:10 15:40

Departure time: 617-6: 9:35 15:20

617 departure time: 9:20 15:10

Departure time: 617-7: 9:00 15:00

Departure time of 617-8: 15:15

Tips: After about 3 hours of play, you need to go to the bus stop to wait for the return between 12:30 and 12:00, because the return bus is gone after 1 pm.


From Yuyao, drive along the Tunxi line to Qigang, turn to the section, pass through the persimmon village, turn to the Jingbai line and cross the bridge and turn left to the Jingbai section. Drive along the Zhougongzhai Reservoir to the Maotun Bridge, turn left. The Maoyu Bridge arrives along the winding hills of the Xibai section.

Starting from Ningbo, pass the Heliang Line to Zhangshui, turn to the Mibei Line, pass through the Xiuling Village, and arrive along the winding north of the thin north line.

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