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Yushan Island Random Thoughts 3 --- touching moments
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Tell me a detail that touched me.
This detail may go unnoticed. When returning from Yushan Island to Shipu.
We waited for the boat at the dock, and the owner of the restaurant where we ate came over to arrange the boat trip.
An anxious expression appeared on the lady's face. She keeps saying, hurry up, there will be a gale at sea level 8 in the afternoon.
The Xiangshan Yu No. 349 boat, which can take 18 people, first boarded and set sail, leaving Yushan Island under the wind and waves and heading for Shipu.
At this time, I saw the lady boss standing on the steps of the dock and watching the 349 ship. When the ship sailed out of the reef and blocked the sight, the boss went up again and watched the ship go farther up the higher steps.
At that moment, I was suddenly moved. This was the care of my loved ones. This was the reluctance of the fishermen to travel to their loved ones. . .
I have been watching this scene silently on the side. Unfortunately, the camera was already in my big bag at that time, and I was not able to record the touching moment when the boss stood on the stone overlooking. . .
That kind of strong affection erupted richly at the moment when it was not noticed. . .

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