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Ningbo Simingshan Four-window Rock Rafting & East Zhejiang Xiaojiuzhai & Dongqian Lake
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Keywords: Self-driving

Destination: Siming Mountain, Yuyao, Ningbo

Travel mode: Self-driving tour (four cars)

Number of travelers: 6 big 2 small

Attractions: Four Window Rock Rafting, Xiaojiuzhai in East Zhejiang, Dongqian Lake Water Park

Food: Farmhouse & Small Seafood

Stay: Ningbo Bo Luxurious Theme Hotel

Date: 2014/7 / 5-2014 / 7/6

Route: Shanghai-G60-G15-Jiangdong-Liangnong Town-Simingshan-Sichuanyan-G1501-Dongqian Lake-Ningbo-Simingshan-Zhejiang East Jiuzhai-G1501-G15-G60-Shanghai

Mileage: 660KM



Siming Mountain, Yuyao, Zhejiang, has an altitude of 600 ~ 900 meters. The average summer temperature is 5-6 ° C lower than that of the urban area. It is an extremely ideal summer resort for hot and hot summers.

The beautiful scenery and pleasant climate of Siming Mountain make it a tourist attraction in the Yangtze River Delta region. Developed a wide variety of attractions, including natural scenery, humanities, adventure thrills, etc. The natural scenery includes Xikou Scenic Area, Siming Mountain Forest Park, Xiaojiuzhai, East Zhejiang, Danshan Chishui, Siming Lake, etc .; adventure excitement includes 401-hole cave, four-window rock rafting, Lijiakeng rafting, and so on; humanities include Chiang Kai-shek Hometown, Liang Nong Anti-Japanese Base Area, etc.

After repeated choices in this itinerary, the theme is mainly about playing in water. I chose Xiaojiuzhaidong in East Zhejiang, Four Window Rock Rafting, Dongqian Lake Water Park, and Bo luxury luxury car theme hotel in the downtown area. Booked all the trips online early. Just set off.

On the same day, everyone gathered at a predetermined location and set off. Shanghai exits the expressway via the east exit of Hangzhou Bay Bridge, passes Cixi, crosses Yuyao, enters S213, waiting for us is the beautiful mountain road eighteen bends. Due to tourism development, the roads into the mountains are already very beautiful asphalt. On the road, driving on the open road, slowly started to climb along the stream, and suddenly entered the cool green ocean.

Figure 1: Siming Lake, in the distance is Kaiyuan Villa

Figure 2: The car headed to a mountain and was confused by the beautiful scenery outside the window.

Figure 3: Eighteen bends on the mountain road, from the hillside far from the line of sight to the near end.

Figure 4: Bright and flat asphalt road

Figure 5: A village hidden in a mid-level mountain, like a place where gods live.

Figure 6: The turquoise lake near Four Window Rock Rafting

After climbing from the top of S213 to the top of the mountain, there will be a sign instructing you to turn to Four Windows Rock. Part of the narrow two-lane concrete road is also in disrepair, driving with extreme care. After bypassing the beautiful lake in Figure 6, the four-window rafting came into sight-a place where women scream and men's hearts beat. The four-window rafting parking lot is free. There is also a small market at the entrance to sell all kinds of swimwear, water toys, towels and more. Before stopping the car, the owner of the nearby farmhouse has come up to sell his business.

Figure 7: Four Window Rock Rafting

Figure 8: Banner for parking lot-where women scream and where men scream

After redeeming the ticket at the ticket office, first take the CMB to the upstream of the rafting. The scenic area staff reminded that because the rafting is more exciting, it is not recommended to bring mobile phones, cameras and other electronic equipment to avoid water damage. The pavement to the upstream is a completely undeveloped stone pavement. The mountain road is narrow and very bumpy. It runs up the river and there is no guardrail on the side. Since the electronic products cannot be carried, the actual road conditions cannot be presented.

I was on a boat with my daughter-in-law. After all the preparations and security work were done, I started the rafting journey. The total length of rafting is almost more than an hour or so, and I row faster. In general, the rafting of Shuangchuangyan is highly recommended. The current is large enough, the rafting route is well designed, and it is very tense and exciting. When I went out, it was a large, deep pond. The surface of the lake seemed calm. After ten minutes of boating, I reached the artificial canal. Because the deep pond is high up the river, the artificial canal was built and passed first. One hundred meters of flat canal, and then the canal suddenly made a 90-degree turn, going down the river, advancing torrentially, the girl couldn't help nervously, all the way down, the hull was already filled with water, no wonder, it really could not be carried Any electronic product, at the end of the canal, my daughter and I were desperately scouring the water, and my body was completely soaked in water. Looked at it, the drop from the deep lake to the river was about ten meters.

Figure 9: The picture was stolen from the Internet

Figure 10: Artificial channel

Then there are various points of high and low rises and turns. Basically, every point was filled with water, and I saw that my daughter and I had been pouring water out, getting wet completely. Girlfriend is screaming all the way, not exciting. The rafting of Shuangchuangyan is highly recommended. When going out of the mountain, I saw many other rafting along the roadside. There is no thrill and thrill of Sicangyan when looking at it.

During the rafting, someone will squat to take a picture. It will also let you cooperate and make a good expression, let you remember the time of the photo, and let you check it when you reach the end. If you are satisfied with 15 yuan a tout.

Shower was provided at the rafting place. After changing and washing each other, they left Four Window Rock with great satisfaction.

Due to the long rafting time and the long way out of the mountain, lunch was decided to find farmhouse on the road. In the end, I chose the farmhouse at the Lijiakeng drifting place. I ate it casually, the price was average, the taste was very average, the choice of dishes was very small, and the scale was not as big as the four-window rock.

Figure 11: Narrow concrete two-lane driveway in Four Window Rocks

Picture 12: The big yellow duck rafting in Lijiakeng

Figure 13: A section of rafting in Lijiakeng

After lunch, follow the Xibei Line and continue to the next stop: Dongqian Lake Water Park. The purpose of this trip is to swear to get in touch with water to the end.

The mountain road along the way is magnificent. I also saw a very beautiful mountain house on the way. It was built on the side of the mountainside. There is a terrace with a very wide view. If you can sit and drink tea and stay for a night, how wonderful what. Unfortunately, I couldn't take a picture while driving, I missed it, and only took a corner of her from the observation platform, which also highlighted her excellent location.

The scenery along the way is nothing to say. On the way, I stopped and photographed many times just to leave this beautiful mountain view. This is exactly the case. The government has also found a good place to build an observation deck.

Figure 14: Upstream of the reservoir

Figure 15: Big reservoir

Figure 16: Eighteen bends on a mountain road. The roads are all in the middle of the mountainside and turn around a thousand times. On the far right is the observation deck.

Figure 17: The front jade photos of the big reservoir are shocking. Fan-shaped dams, rolling hills, turquoise lake surface.

Figure 18: View from the observation deck. The upper right corner of the screen is the villa mentioned above.

At this point, Tiangong has begun to appear dark clouds, in order to Dongqian Lake Water Park, can only sacrifice such a beautiful scenery, hurried to the next stop.

Dongqian Lake Water Park is built next to the lake, with the mountains facing the lake. When we arrived at Dongqian Lake, the dark clouds on the lake were slightly scaled. After parking the car, we exchanged the tickets immediately. Due to some small accidents, we waited for a little time because of various reasons. I didn't go in, just happened to rest in the car, and enjoyed the scenery by the lake.

Figure 19: Dongqian Lake Water Park

Figure 20: Dongqian Lake Water Park

Figure 22: Dongqian Lake Water Park

Figure 23: Cruise terminal under construction

Figure 24: Back Mountain and Lake

Figure 25: Two netizens hate them the most. Canoeing and wire-drawing on Dongqian Lake? What about fishery administration? The mood is pretty good, what about Xu Xian and Bai Niangniang?

At this time, there was a dark cloud over Lake Dongqian, and the thunder and lightning flashed. Everyone hastily left and went to the place where they stayed. The two children were very happy. Not long after driving away from Dongqian Lake, Douda's rain began to slap on the window. The blurred street lights on both sides shone on the wet asphalt road, and the stars were bright.

The place of stay this time is the Bo luxury Hyatt theme hotel in Yinzhou District, Ningbo. The design of each room is different and unique. We stayed in the Sunshine Business Suite. The car is driven to the guest room floor. Other better suites have their own parking spaces, which are directly entered by the car.

Since each apartment type is different, everyone has selected it separately. Waiting for everyone is their own surprise.

Figure 26: Shared parking in Tutu vs exclusive home parking in Tuhao

Figure 27: Our apartment type: There are many green plants in the house. The most surprising thing is the large jacuzzi. The glass ceiling is the top. The disadvantage is that due to heavy rain at night, the noise of the raindrops on the glass ceiling is very large.

The surprise that the hotel brought us was quite shocking. There were also a lot of mid-to-high-end hotels to live in. It was not because of how luxurious it was, but because of its unique design and all the details, we were very satisfied.

Everyone started to coo before they admired the room. Since Ningbo also often came, Ningbo Branch was on Jingjia Road before, so for dinner, we went to Jingjia Road near Canghai Road to find food. There are still a lot of restaurants in that section. The one I used to eat was delicious and the price was not expensive. I asked for some small seafood. Since I went late, I did n’t have much choice of ingredients. The cost, due to the long time, also forgot how much money I ended up eating.

Figure 28: Vegetarian dishes + crayfish

Figure 29: Big melon

Figure 30:

Figure 31: I forgot about the fish, and the pickles were in the soup.

Figure 32: Fisheye

Figure 33: Braised sea fish. I also forgot the fish name. The taste is very good.

Figure 34: Iron plate dumplings

Figure 35: Little blue crab, a fat and attractive green crab.

Figure 36: Delicious sweet rice cakes, ground with rice, then made, sprinkled with moss. Sweet and sticky.


I woke up early in the morning as the heavy rain hit the glass ceiling all night. After enjoying a good breakfast at the hotel, set off for the last stop of the trip-Xiao Jiuzhai, East Zhejiang.

Xiaojiuzhai in eastern Zhejiang is a natural oxygen bar. This is the second time it is here, and it is also in the Siming Mountains. It is also beautiful along the way, especially after rain. Walking along the mountain road, playing in the water, absorbing oxygen, this is really a good place for people who have lived in the city for a long time to relax.

In order to achieve better results in this travel note, the big picture used the first photo of Xiaojiuzhai in the rain. Clouds and mist, the feeling of wonderland. The jigsaw used the photos of this time. Because it was raining twice, the water in the mountains was yellow mud water.

Figure 37: Fishing people (people in the same road), how did they drive the car down, the bridge in the picture leads to Xiaojiuzhai.

Figure 38: Scenic gate, bamboo forest, tea mountain.

Figure 39: Scenic entrance

Figure 40: Scenic Tourist Car Road

Figure 41: Scenic sightseeing car road, the feeling of wonderland.

Figure 42: There is a sightseeing car at the entrance of the scenic spot. It costs 5 yuan per person. The end point is this small pavilion, which is 1 km. We chose to walk and inhale oxygen.

Figure 43:

Figure 44: Artistic Conception

Figure 45: Bamboo Forest

Figure 46: Mini waterfall formed by landscape

Figure 47: Rivers with Strange Stones

Figure 48: All kinds of mountain flowers after the rain are gorgeous.

Figure 49:

Numerous farmhouses have been developed outside the Xiaojiuzhai Scenic Spot in eastern Zhejiang. You can eat and play, or you can eat and eat. There is not much choice of farmhouse dishes, and the tastes are okay. We had a full meal after visiting the scenic area and went home.

The three attractions of this trip are very satisfied, and also very satisfied with the hotel and food.

At the end of the trip, Siming Mountain, I still prefer Siming Mountain after the rain in summer.

Figure 50: It was taken on the bridge on the way ahead. Does it feel like Qiandao Lake?

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