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Goodbye Ningbo (11)-Cicheng
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place "href =" "data-classtype =" 1 "data-resourceid =" 83 "data-id =" 55 "data-type =" 4 "> Ningbo represents everything. In the past ten years ago, late rice matured every year. It ’s time for Ningbo people to make rice cakes. Successive years of harvest have enabled late-year rice to be supplied all year round, and it is now possible to make rice cakes every day. Cicheng rice cakes have a long history and have a history of thousands of years. According to legend, Wu Ziyu was in Cicheng The "city bricks" buried under the city walls for emergency rescue during battles are prepared for grain hunger prevention, and the basics of emergency rescue are prepared in high times. Cicheng rice cakes are as white as jade, smooth and smooth, and tendon elastics. Without fuss, the five generations of rich rice cakes have beautiful meanings and beautiful shapes.

Ningbo's rice cakes are famous, and even in Ningbo, Cicheng's rice cakes are synonymous with "good rice cakes". Fresh rice cakes are hot and fresh, and dried rice cakes are easy to store. The baked rice cakes are crispy and delicious and suitable for snacks.


Cicheng is very quiet, there are no murmurs of noise, no sound of wheels running across the road, quietly hearing his own breath and his own heartbeat.
  In the breath, the whole city is full of camphor flowers, there are camphor trees lingering, there are really camphor flowers, it is the season when camphor flowers bloom, the city is full of fragrance, tall and green camphor trees fall everywhere.

It's not just Cicheng with camphor flowers, but
Ningbo Mancheng with camphor flowers. From this it can be inferred that camphor is a Ningbo tree. Cinnamomum camphor represents Ningbo, while Fenghuang wood represents Xiamen. Is it because of the spirituality of the camphor and Fenghuang wood or their adaptability? In the late spring and early summer, the fragrance of millet-like yellow laurels and the mid-summer festival's fiery red phoenix emperor, which is more poetic? Some people joked about the special characteristics of Xiamen Special Economic Zone. The city flower is not called flower called plum (bougainvillea), the city bird is not called bird called heron (egret), and the city tree is not called tree called wood (fenghuang wood). SAR. Since May, Heron and Mu became representatives of Xiamen, they have not seen the "flooding" of these three specialities in Xiamen. The camphor tree in Ningbo is a dark day, but its emerald green, its thick shade, and its aroma have a faint meaning, so that no other sidewalk trees on the road can be seen. It is said that because there are many lines on the camphor wood, it seems to have a lot of meaning. Therefore, the word "chapter" is added next to the wooden word, and because of its unique aroma of the tree body and flowers, "camphor" is used as the tree name. Cinnamomum camphora is an evergreen tree. Its evergreen is not deciduous, but after the new leaves grow in spring, the old leaves of last year began to fall off, so it is green all year round.


Came to Chenghuang Temple, one of the two public temples . Cicheng City God Temple is one of the most complete city ​​god temples in China, but it is also a temple that does not serve city gods and is a temple that brings joy to people.

Every holiday is the highlight of Heavenly City. May 5 this year is the beginning of the summer festival. The City of Heavenly Art in Chenghuang Temple is holding the "Artifact City Craft Exhibition" and "Mother's Art Exhibition". The children of Cicheng Rice Cake Museum and Cicheng Printed Cake in the temple are having DIY (do it yourself), "eat Lixia "Eggs" and "Calling the Noble" are also staged during the festival.

City God Temple Block faces south to the south. It is a typical architectural form of Chinese Taoist temple halls. The theater stage is layered, and the chambers are connected with the temples in depth and run through. They have both the characteristics of the temple halls and the architectural style of the government office.

Fuxun, Confucian Temple and Chenghuang (one temple and two temples) were the three major governing buildings of the past provinces, prefectures, states, counties and counties. The rule of man, enlightenment, and the king of three are all in one. No matter how "hard" and "smelly" the "stone man", in the end, he always couldn't escape the means of King Yan Luo. This is a set of social management methods in feudal society. Its foundation is to educate people to form good beliefs. Those who have lost their faith and those who believe in cults are the most terrible and the ones who have the greatest impact on the ruling authorities.

At first glance , the word " Chenghuang Temple" is still a little bit chěn, because it is King Yan Luo, who is the prince, who is able to enjoy the Chenghuang Temple for the country, the city, and the people. mò) person. The stage plays a Ningbo drama. Although it does n’t understand, it is always lively. The festival's Cicheng City God Temple is a sea of ​​joy. The City God Temple is especially fun, especially for children.

The childhood games that children like to play tops, shuttlecocks, stilts, rubber bands, sandbags, etc. that are gradually disappearing in the city will be available here, and experience with children here, this kind of happiness from the heart must be more memorable than reading . Mothers also have fun. A lively handmade creative market is staged here. "Mother's Art Exhibition" can also teach you traditional crafts such as lanterns, window cuts, hand-painted T-shirts, socks and dolls. You can also learn it, which is very interesting. In the bright temple, children at several square tables and groups are learning to make hand-printed cakes. Of course, it is not free. A pound of flower cake powder is 30 yuan. The printed cakes can be taken away or eaten on the spot. Do it yourself, take care, you should not have a different taste in your heart. Printed cake is also a popular refreshment in Tongan area, and it is also a good offering on the first and fifteenth days of the first day;

Cicheng City God Temple is an important part of Cicheng Manual DIY Creative Park. It has a nice name, "City of Heavenly Craftsmanship". It is the only handmade DIY creative park built in Chenghuang Temple in China. This is a pioneering work of developing tourism in Cicheng Ancient Town. Although locals are complaining that the speed of Cicheng development and restoration is too slow, it delays the golden opportunity for the development of ancient towns. When ancient towns such as Fenghuang, Lijiang, Wuzhen became popular At that time, Cicheng was still so silent that he still kept his heart.

Cicheng Ancient Town has abandoned the traditional and exaggerated business model of Chinese ancient towns, and implanted the soul of Chinese handicrafts in an attempt to revitalize the entire ancient town with good taste craftsmanship. And this mode of thinking and development about the ancient town is unique in the whole country and even the world. In the ancient county town pattern rarely seen in the south, Cicheng's commercial taste is still not strong, and various folk and folk activities and hand-made on holidays are very suitable for adjusting the floating ecology.
Therefore, from the aspect of mind-building, for a traveler, for whatever reason, Cicheng, the first ancient county in the south of the river located at 30 degrees north latitude, is a place worth visiting, and
Ningbo is also worth a walk. local.

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