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View of Ningbo Tang Tower
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Tang Tower is also called Xiantong Tower, which was named after Tang Xiantong.

Tang Tower is on Zhongshan Road in downtown Ningbo. To the east of it is the Drum Tower,

To the south is Moon Lake.

"Tower and city are built together". The reason why Xiantong Tower is known as the historic symbol of Ningbo's historical and cultural city is that Ningbo was built in 1175 and the ancient tower was completed in 1173. It can be seen that Tang Tower has seen the vicissitudes of Ningbo for nearly a thousand years.

The Tang Tower was originally surrounded by layers of dwellings. In 1995, it was a year of regeneration for the ancient tower. On March 15, the road widening project started, and the houses around the ancient tower were demolished accordingly.

With the widening of Zhongshan Road and the maintenance of the ancient tower, our city now has another familiar and unfamiliar scenery.

This is Tang Tower in snow in 2013

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